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Simple Internet Meter 2.3

It is a bandwidth monitor that can read the source of data traffic
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Simple Internet Meter is a bandwidth monitor for Windows, which is capable of reading the source of data traffic, no matter whether it comes from Internet or local network. The program also keeps a log of daily and hourly usage and autocleans the memory when reaching the limit.

Simple Internet Meter works quietly from the system tray on a twenty-four/seven basis, monitoring without affecting the computer’s performance. Also it auto cleans the used memory (triggers if the RAM memory usage goes above 10Mb).

The program has been designed to 'see' the data from each application, registering the use by hour and day. Furthermore, the program is capable of repairing network connections and provides better accessibility to this function, than Windows Vista and Windows 7 do. It can also change firewall settings and display detailed Net statistics (i.e. which ports are being used and by which program), and can be set to restrict bandwidth and alert when the limit is reached.

In this version users can customize color and transparency levels of the interface to prevent it from blocking the view when opened. Other new features added include compatibility with Windows 2008 and Win7 (32bit & 64bit) versions.

There is a free version called ‘Simple Internet Meter Lite’, but it is purely informative and has no settings.

Max Santillana
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  • Monitors local and internet traffic
  • Keeps logs of usage
  • Repairs connections
  • Changes Network setting with ease
  • Can be used in 64bit Windows versions


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